UX Design Program

Become a UX designer
in under 10 months
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without having to quit your job
Work with expert mentors
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UX Design Short Course

Get a free
UX Design Short Course

Curious about this program?

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Career Advisor

“How would you like to get in touch?”

“I’m here to help you become a UX designer”

Alana, Senior Program Advisor

Curious about this program?

Contact us to find out if it’s right for you

Career Advisor

“How would you like to get in touch?”

“I’m here to help you become a UX designer”

Alana, Senior Program Advisor

Our graduates now have tech jobs all over the world

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UX Design Program details

In this program, you will

Learn all of the skills, tools, and processes you need to become a UX designer

Work 1:1 with an expert mentor and tutor, who will give personalized feedback and insight into the daily life of a UX designer.

Receive tailored coaching from our Career Services Team to ensure you stand out at interviews

Build an impressive portfolio out of the real‑world projects you complete

Land a job as a UX designer with the help of our career specialists


Fully online

6 months at 30-40 hours/week or up to 10 months at 15-20 hours/week


Our UX design mentors are rated 4.94/5

Career support

Free job preparation course and expert career coaching included

Why become a UX designer?

A creative job you'll love

UX is a satisfying job if you're curious about human behavior and passionate about how design shapes the products and experiences around you. UX designer was rated in Career Karma's top 25 tech jobs in 2021.

High demand means high pay

Employers struggle to find qualified UX designers and the demand keeps growing. The average UX designer salaries in the United States range from $59,000 to $128,000 per year, depending on location and seniority.

A flexible career path

As a UX designer, you'll have the opportunity to work for startups, agencies, large corporates, on a freelance basis, or even remotely.

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Why choose CareerFoundry?

Human-centric learning

Our dual mentorship model ensures that you get all the support you need. You’ll have both a tutor—an experienced UX designer responsible for evaluating your exercises within 24 hours of submission, and a mentor—a UX industry expert who gives detailed written, video, and on-call feedback on your portfolio pieces.

Flexibility with accountability

Study at a flexible pace within the 10-month program duration, working a minimum of 15 hours per week. Your mentor, tutor, student advisor, and career specialist will help you stay on track and accountable.

Successful, satisfied graduates

With over 90% of our eligible graduates landing a job within their new field, including at top companies like Google, Apple and Amazon, you can be confident that the UX Design Program will get you where you want to go: working as a UX designer in a job you love.

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Without CareerFoundry I would not have my new job. They helped me double my salary from my last job!

Terri Rodriguez-Hong, Alumni
UX Designer at VISA

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UX Design Program admission criteria

What you need:


The motivation to transform your career

Even though you can study flexibly, the program requires some commitment as it takes a minimum of 15-20 hours per week to complete in 10 months.

An interest in UX design

If you're already reading books and blog posts about UX, that is a great start. If you are unsure that UX is really for you, here are some great ways to explore it:

Written and spoken English skills at a level B2 or higher

A computer (macOS, Windows, or Linux) with a webcam, microphone, and an internet connection

    What you don't need:


    A background in design or tech

    This program is designed to take you from beginner to job-ready—regardless of your background. And now more than ever, employers see bootcamp graduates as excellent job candidates. A 2021 study by Career Karma found that companies as respected as Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft are some of the largest employers of bootcamp graduates. The same study revealed that, in 2020, those same companies hired up to 120% more bootcamps graduates than they did in 2019!

    Unlimited free time

    You can study part-time at 15-20 hours per week to finish the program in 10 months; or complete the program in as little as 6 months by studying up to 30-40 hours per week. 

    To learn all on your own

    You can enjoy the flexibility of online learning with the accountability and one-on-one attention traditionally associated with brick-and-mortar institutions. Much like a college professor might inspire you to pursue a career in a certain field, your mentor, tutor, career specialist, and student advisor will keep you motivated and on track.

    Price and payment options

    Next start dates:

    Pay upfront

    Get 10% off your tuition when you make a one-time, upfront payment.

    upfront, then for months

    Pay monthly

    Pay today to secure your place, and then per month for months.


    Only available for residents in Germany


    Talk to your local job center to find out if you're eligible. You can download our application guide for step-by-step instructions.


    $158* per month for 60 months

    Pay less per month

    Apply for an education loan with one of our partners (Ascent or Climb) and benefit from low monthly payments over an extended period.

    *Installments depend on your approved interest rate.

    $0 upfront

    Pay later

    Apply for deferred payment with our one of our partners (Ascent or Climb) and only start paying for your program several months after completion.

    Need a more flexible payment plan?

    We can set up a custom payment plan that better suits your needs. Book a call with a program advisor to learn more.

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    1.    Is UX design a secure career choice?
    In short, yes. There’s a high demand for qualified UX designers in tech (and even in other sectors). According to CNN Money, the demand for UX designers is predicted to grow by 18% from 2015-2025.

    Curious about what salary you could earn? Check out our UX design salary guide.
    2.    Do I need to take both the UX and UI programs to learn about both disciplines?
    You only need to take one program. While UX and UI design are similar in many ways, and most designers do both kinds of work at some point in their careers (and there are many companies who hire for combined UX/UI roles), we’ve built our programs to support budding UX and UI designers separately.

    If usability and function in digital product design are more interesting to you (key facets of UX design), take the UX Design Program. You can always opt for the UI design specialization at the end if you want to learn UI basics.

    On the other hand, if the aesthetic and interaction side of digital product design appeals to you, take the UI Design Program—it covers UX design basics along the way!

    Ultimately, which program you choose should depend on your interests and career goals. Make sure you understand the differences between UX and UI—including the skills and processes that are unique to each discipline, and how UX and UI designers work together. If you’re still undecided, book a call with a program advisor! They can help you figure out which direction might best suit you.
    3.    What are the prerequisites and requirements for the program?
    This program is designed with the absolute beginner in mind. Meaning, there are no prerequisites or prior experience in design or tech required.

    Regardless of age or background, we’ve built a learning experience to ensure your success. From the catered curriculum and hands-on exercises to one-on-one mentorship and support throughout.

    What’s required*:
    • Motivation to transform your career
    • Interest in UX
    • Written and spoken English proficiency at a B2 level or higher
    • A computer (macOS, Windows, or Linux) with a webcam, microphone, and an internet connection
    *Note that you will be required to invest some independent study time into familiarizing yourself with the tools you’ll use throughout the program, and learning how to use them. It is estimated that you will need to spend an additional 1-2 hours per week of extracurricular study time becoming comfortable with them.
    4.    Which tools will I use and what are the costs?
    For Intro to UX Design, you’ll mainly use Marvel, in addition to others. For the immersive UX Design Program, you’ll mainly use Adobe XD, Figma, or Sketch (depending on your preference).

    As a CareerFoundry student, you’ll qualify for free access to the Figma Professional Plan and a free 1-year student subscription to Sketch.

    You will also be using other tools to help you refine your designs. These tools will be available with a free trial or with a discount, which can be found on CareerFoundry’s Perks page. For further tool requirements related to specialization courses, please view their respective pages:
    5.    What are the minimum system requirements?
    As this varies widely, we recommend checking individual system requirements on their respective websites:

    For further system requirements related to specialization courses, please view their respective pages:

    6.    Is the program 100% online?
    Yes, the program is entirely asynchronous and online—so you can study when and wherever you’d like so long as you can get online and stay on track for graduation.

    But this doesn’t mean the learning experience is isolated or lonely! You’ll have regular contact with your mentor, tutor, student advisor, and career specialist—as well as full access to our active student community on Slack.
    7.    How long does the program take to complete?
    The program is flexibly-paced within a 10-month duration. There are three deadlines along the way that we’ve put in place to help keep you on track for graduation.

    Expect to devote a minimum of 15-20 hours per week to graduate within that maximum time frame. This is considered part-time study, and matches the default pacing of the program. If you’d like to graduate in as little as five months, you can devote 30-40 hours per week to reach that goal.
    8.    What's included in the program tuition?
    The UX Design Program offers you a complete career change package—from expert-authored curriculum and hands-on projects, to personalized mentorship and career coaching. Find out more here:
    • How it works: From curriculum details to your career change team, and beyond—here are the details.
    • Meet our mentors: Get to know who the CareerFoundry mentors are and how the dual-mentorship model works.
    • Career services: Everything you need to know about our personalized career coaching, Job Preparation course, Career Support Center, alumni community, and more.
    • Graduate outcomes: Here’s some of the work our graduates did in the program—and where they’re at today.
    In addition to all of this, you can request read access to our program library—so you can study other corners of the tech world independently, with all the program materials included in your tuition! You can ask your student advisor about this once you start the program.
    9.    Are there payment plans available?
    Yes, we offer two payment options. You can save 10% of your total tuition by paying it up front. Alternatively, you can pay a set amount up front to reserve your place in the program, and the remainder in 10 monthly payments (regardless of when you graduate from the program).

    Still not feasible for you? Book a call with a program advisor to see if you’re eligible for a customized payment plan.
    10.    Does CareerFoundry offer full or partial scholarships?
    While we do offer an ongoing tuition reduction to active U.S. military personnel and veterans, as well as periodic, partial scholarships/tuition reductions, we do not offer any full scholarships or funds at this time.

    If you’d like to learn more about any of these offers, please reach out to a program advisor.
    11.    What's the refund policy if I change my mind?
    If you’re not happy with the program in the first 14 days from the start date, you can simply cancel for a full refund.

    If you are 60% or less of the way through the program duration (not including any extensions) and need to cancel for any reason, you may be eligible for a prorated refund. For more information, see our full terms and conditions.
    12.    Do I get a certificate at the end?
    You will receive a signed CareerFoundry certificate when you complete the program. This will make it easy for you to share your new qualification on LinkedIn and with potential employers or clients.
    13.    Is the program accredited and what does ZFU-approved mean?
    While the program is not university accredited, it does undergo a rigorous quality assurance and certification process with the ZFU (Staatliche Zentralstelle für Fernunterricht)—the state body for distance learning in Germany.

    This process ensures that the program meets a high stand for an excellent and effective learning experience.

    On successful completion of this certification process, the program is assigned a unique approval number (7324918) which can be checked against a public register.

    14.    Are there eligibility requirements for the job guarantee?
    There are conditions that graduates need to meet in order to be eligible for the job guarantee. We’re transparent about these requirements because we want them to be easy for you to follow and because we know they genuinely help graduates succeed in their job search.

    You’re eligible for the job guarantee when:
    • You’ve successfully completed 100% of your CareerFoundry program as well as our free Job Preparation course.
    • You’re applying to at least five relevant jobs a week.
    • You live in a metropolitan area with a population above 200K people in any of the following countries: USA, Canada, European Union or EFTA countries, UK, Australia, or New Zealand (or you’re willing to relocate).
    • And when you meet other qualifying criteria. Please read the full terms and conditions.
    If you have any questions about the job guarantee or the eligibility criteria, simply book a call with a program advisor—they’re happy to help!
    15.    What kind of job can I get after the program?
    Based on the program’s comprehensive curriculum, you’ll be ready to apply for and step into a junior UX design role or mid-level UX design positions. If you take the UI design specialization, you'll also be eligible for UX/UI roles.

    Keep in mind that many job ads for UX designers ask for 2+ years of experience, but it is often part of their “wishlist” rather than a requirement.

    If you have transferable skills from your previous career, it’s possible to land a more senior role. Your dedicated career specialist (during the Job Prep course) will help you understand your transferable skills and craft the right narrative to present in your job application materials.

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